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I have done a few requests and I found out that I liked the fact of interpreting some others' visions and making someone else (hopefully) happy…

Therefore, I have decided to continue if I receive them …

I do not want money or points, but I have a few conditions.

First of all, your idea needs to fit with my taste and inspire me as well. I might also make a bit my own interpretation of it. Please consider that I might also say that I do not feel like doing a certain topic ...

Moreover, it should fit my skill set. I am relatively new to computer graphics and I am developing my skill set and my library of props.

Finally, I cannot commit on deadlines. This is my hobby, and I do not want to feel the pressure that I am working on it ... And I can do it only in my spare time, which is not much ...

If this is ok with you, please drop me a note with what you have in mind.





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Spiders Suprise

After three long months serving in the court of King Luthor as pleasure slave, Lidia decided to risk it all and try to escape. She knew the dangers … the punishment for a captured slave was ruthless as it needed to serve as deterrent for the other girls of the harem. But nevertheless, she had made her mind. Better dead than continuing like that.

She had thought through all details of her escape meticulously. One day she overheard a conversation between two guards who were describing how just below the castle there was a maze of cavern that finally brought outside the walls. This was her chance!

So, one day, not without effort, she managed to break the old planks of the floor of the slave quarters, ensuring not to be seen. Then with a rope she lowered herself into the dirty cavern, bringing a torch to see her path.

“Ok, let’s move Lidia. There is no going back now” she said aloud, to give herself courage. But just after a few steps she froze in horror when she noticed the giant spiders approaching her with menacing postures. Who knows what were their intentions …


Comments welcome and thanks for favorites!
The cavern and the environment has been modeled in Lightwave and Zbrush

My Complete 3D Workflow

For the benefit of my watchers that enjoy 3D modeling and in order to get your ideas / suggestions in this tutorial I will be sharing the software I use in my workflow.

First of all, I model props with Lightwave Modeler ( I think this is a great software for solid (i.e. non organic) modeling.

For any organic modeling I use Pixologic ZBrush ( This is a very powerful software, though a little complex to use. It allows also the posing of hairs and adjustments to clothing when necessary.

For the UV maps, I use Headus UV Layout ( Though functional, I am not too satisfied with this software. The UI is quite simplistic and not very intuitive . I have been looking for a better software for this step, but so far I have not found any. Simply Layout or ZBrush can also build UV maps, but I do not find them too functional for this step of the workflow. If you have any suggestion for this step, it would be much appreciated.

For the texturing I have discovered not long ago Allegorithmic Surface Painter (…). I am still learning this program, but so far I am quite impressed by its potential.

I am also starting to model my own clothing and make some dynamic clothing simulation with Marvelous Designer ( Still learning this software too. It seems to be quite useful, though it requires a little of practice to understand the way to work with it.

Posing and rendering is with Daz Studio ( My prop library is built with it and the characters I use are base on the Genesis technology. I render with the photorealistic Iray render engine. I have been working first with Poser but moved to Daz Studio a couple of years ago. I find it more intuitive and easy to use. And I like the Iray engine.

Finally I normally apply some light postwork. To do so I am working with Adobe Photoshop ( As known, this is quite a powerful and widely used software.

I have been looking for applications or Photoshop plugins to make a more drawing / artwork look and feel to the render, but I have not yet found any that make me completely satisfied. I use the NIK Collection plugin for some nice effect.

That's pretty much it ... I hope that you find this tutorial useful and informative. I would appreciate to know your workflow and any suggestion on different / better software - particularly as said for the UV mapping step - would be much appreciated.


Mud Peril

All happened in just a few seconds … After months of torrential rain, it was not unusual to find in the forest puddles of mud. Sometimes really large …
So Livia stepped in one of them just with the futile thought that her boots were going to become really dirty today...

But after a few steps into the puddle, which seemed to be as all the others only a few inches deep, she suddenly lost contact with the ground.
In panic, she started to kick nervously, but the more she moved, the more inexorably she was sinking …

“Help! Help! I am sinking!” she cried desperately … Hearing her screams, Jack, who was looking at the map a few feet away, ran back immediately.
“Here, grab my hand! Quick!” he told her, stretching his arm as much as he could, though careful not to step in the deadly puddle.

“I cannot reach it! I cannot reach it!” Livia cried, while the mud was almost reaching her mouth ….


Comments welcome and thanks for favorites!

Freebie: Executioner Hood
As token of appreciation for my watchers, I have included in this file the executioner hood that I have created for the attached picture.

Mature Content

Fallen Queen - The End by Noone102000

As technical details, the mesh was produced with Marvelous Designer while I have developed the textures with Surface Painter. It is a Daz Studio .duf file as a clothing item (already rigged).
It was designed for Genesis 3 Male and you should be able to "fit" to your character.

In the compressed folder you can also find the starting obj in case you need it.

The download is a little heavy (32 MB). Hope that you can find it useful.

Thanks for favorites! Comments welcome!
BDSM Passion
When they were close to the climax – Jake grabbed her long, beautiful hair and pulled her head back, showing his strength and the full force of his passion for Erika …


Just a little BDSM picture that was stuck in my mind ...
I hope that you liked it.

Thanks for favorites! Comments welcome!



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Mar-mou-set Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome!!Lily Thank you 
Nsnelson1997 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 9, 2017
I have a request/suggestion. A continuation of this e Fallen Queen series. In this next part Alexandra is on either a rack,iron chair, wheel or Spainish Donkey. The setting is either in the palace dungeon or in the palace ballroom (much to the amusement of the Kussekhan nobility). In addition to the torture instrument she is already on Alexandra is being either branded, pieced, stretched or anything else you can think of. King Lutor is of course looking on with a smug look.
kanyiko Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
benitezdk Featured By Owner Edited Jun 29, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
 Hi! Noone102000    ... ThanX!    :hug:   :heart:

  Used the whipping Post for my War-Pony picture!  :thumbsup:

Mature Content

War Pony by benitezdk
Noone102000 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice! Thanks for letting me know!
Nsnelson1997 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017
I hope you continue the Fallen Queen series 
Noone102000 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad that you liked it.
dannysuling Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
A year ago someone suggested I familiarize myself with your gallery, and I planned to right away. A year later...I rediscovered the message, and also encountered today a posted critique of "Candle Wax," and immediately got over here. And of course I can see why you were recommended! So, my deep apologies for not having arrived sooner.

I'm very impressed with the quality of your 3D work, especially your excellent approach to facial expression. What strikes me is that the facial work you're doing contributes significantly to the story-line, independent of the included written texts you provide. In fact, the text is entirely secondary to understanding the story a given image is depicting (although it's nice to have). You also do really well in group/ensemble scenes. The interplay between your characters in most images seems natural...actually, over time (from first image to most recent in your gallery), things get more natural and fluid, a nice developmental trend in your style and skill.

There are a number of allusions and references to other artists' work in the bondage genre, including traditional drawings, and I found that fun, even if you might not have intended the reference per se. This enriches and deepens your scenarios while paying homage to the history of the genre. That's a special treat for some of us artists here who know that history a bit.

In any case, I'm going to be watching this page now. Thank you so much for posting your work for us. Looking forward to seeing more.

Noone102000 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for your nice words and for following me. Much appreciated!
mastercchris Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey Noone102000, Just wanted to let you know I used your Cattle Prod prop Freebie in my Last two renders :).
Thank You for sharing :)……

I had to move some vertices around and make changes to Surface Materials for my own personal use

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