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I have done a few requests and I found out that I liked the fact of interpreting some others' visions and making someone else (hopefully) happy…

Therefore, I have decided to continue if I receive them …

I do not want money or points, but I have a few conditions.

First of all, your idea needs to fit with my taste and inspire me as well. I might also make a bit my own interpretation of it. Please consider that I might also say that I do not feel like doing a certain topic ...

Moreover, it should fit my skill set. I am relatively new to computer graphics and I am developing my skill set and my library of props.

Finally, I cannot commit on deadlines. This is my hobby, and I do not want to feel the pressure that I am working on it ... And I can do it only in my spare time, which is not much ...

If this is ok with you, please drop me a note with what you have in mind.





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Tutorial and Freebie - Giant Spider Web
I have been asked by a few watchers about the web of the giant spider that I have used in the below render.

Mature Content

The Spider by Noone102000

I have included in this submission the obj files (low and high resolution) as well as a tutorial of the techniques that I used to make the picture.

I hope that you find this useful!
The Spider
“Nooo!!” the terrified scream of Nabila trapped in the web of the giant spider interrupted the usual melody of the jungle. She lived with the Arenaki, a peaceful tribe located in the Amazonian jungle. Though she was well aware of the perils of the jungle, that day she had been particularly careless and fell right in the trap of the spider.

Nabila was desperately trying to free herself up from that sticky mess she was in, but the giant spider had quickly arrived and had reinforced its web in no time with a layer on top of the girl. The thick strands of the web of the spider were very strong and the girl did not have a chance against them.

“Help! Help!” she cried with all the strength that she had. The spider was preparing to attack. Her only chance was that somebody in the village would have heard her screams and was running for her…



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This is a new version of an old picture that I did in Poser a little more than one year ago. I have added it in my
I felt quite good in seeing how my techniques improved in this period of time.

Spider Old Image by Noone102000
Slave Auction - Preparation Room

If it was not for the chains hanging from the ceiling where the naked slave girls were bound by their wrists, this seemed to be the normal scene of the preparation before any theater performance. Make-up everywhere, the smell of soaps and perfumes, the noise of the hair dryers, busy make-up artists looking at every detail to ensure perfection …

This year the annual slave girls auction was held in the National Theater of Kussekha. Organizers and slave owners knew well that preparation was critical in order to extract the best prices out of the girls. A slave girl at her best could sell for 20 or even 30% more …

“I hope that I find a decent owner that treats me well …” thought Lucilia while one of the make-up artists was giving the final touch to her glossy lipstick. But in the back of her mind she was worried as in the pre-rating she was given only a “B” rating. She was somewhat envious of the A rating of Sapphire sitting next to her, as the letter tattooed on her ass was showing. However, this was no guarantee of a better placement …



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It was the first time I was experimenting with a mirror in the render ... adding quite some rendering time ...

Fairy Squad Revenge

The fairies of the forest were decided not to leave this offense going unpunished. Queen Lorelei ordered to put together a team of the most resolute fairies and go for the rescue of her friend.

Once recharged with an extra amount of pixie dust, the “fairy squad” broke into the house of Mistress K. After a small, but intense, fight they overpowered the woman. They tied her up and start caning her with a birch twig through a virtual hand created with their pixie dust.

“I will always be grateful to you my Queen” the little fairy of the forest freed from her cage said to Queen Lorelei, who was holding her hands.

“We could not allow this mean woman to abuse of our patience and desire for peace and grace … “ the Queen replied. “We wanted to set an example that we are able to defend ourselves when threatened …”

“Aaagghh … Please, please let me go!” Mistress K screamed in pain.
Ironically … they were the exact words used by the captive little fairy of the forest to beg her just a few hours ago …



This is a continuation of the attached picture

Fairy in the cage by Noone102000

I received several requests to have the fairies take revenge of Mistress K … and here it is …



Comments welcome! Thanks for favorites!



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